Vote for Parity

Loyal alumni are Dartmouth’s heart and soul. Since 1891 alumni have elected half the members of the Board of Trustees, and, in doing so, they have kept Dartmouth on an even keel - and ensured that the College has remained a college, rather than becoming a university. Now, after losses in four consecutive trustee elections and the constitution referendum, the Board of Trustees has announced a plan to marginalize alumni, doubling the number of unelected trustees. Under this radical plan, trustees elected by the alumni would be outnumbered on the Board by a margin of two to one.

We are determined to preserve the 1891 Agreement and prevent this misguided step. Balloting in the Association of Alumni (AoA) election is from April 28-June 5. Please vote for our slate. Vote for parity. personal injury

Executive Committee Officers

dartmout parity
J. Michael
Murphy ’61
dartmouth alumni
1st Vice President
Boles ’80
dartmouth college
2nd Vice President
Mirengoff ’71
dartmouth alumnus
F. Marian
Chambers ’76

Executive Committee Members

Gado ’58

Marjory Grant
Ross ’81

Hafer ’99

Roberts ’83

Steel ’54

Charles J.
Urstadt ’49

Alexander X.
Mooney ’93